Terms and Conditions – The GAPES on SOL

The GAPES on SOL is a series of Non-Fungible Tokens based on Solana. This website serves as the medium in which buyers can buy the NFT during the minting/sale of this series. Prospective buyers are responsible for validating all transactions taking place in regards to the sale, minting and resales before approving any transactions through their wallets and also managing their own Wallets. Buyers should take into consideration that since the Smart Contract is on the Solana Blockchain any transactions cannot be reversed or restored after taking place. This website does not carry a warranty or any of its connected services. Use of this website is in the sole responsibility of the user and all transactions involving The GAPES on SOL .

NFT Owner

The buyer of The GAPES on SOL NFT is the sole owner of the Token ID and under no circumstances can anyone modify, seize or take ownership of the NFT without approval of the Owner through the Solana Blockchain and the Smart Contract.  


Where the Owner of the NFT complies with the Terms and Conditions set by The GAPES on SOL he/she may use and/or display the Art Collectible through the following:
a) Personal and non-commercial use.
b) Posting through a NFT Marketplace in order to sell The GAPES on SOL NFT, in the condition that the Marketplace verifies the true identity of the NFT.
c) Any 3rd party that allows the participation of your NFT as long as the NFT is verified and verifies ownership of the NFT.

Commercial Purpose

Where the Owner of the NFT complies with the Terms and Conditions set by The GAPES on SOL he/she may use and display the purchased NFT for creating other versions based on their own NFT, displaying through marketplaces, Virtual Galleries, Galleries, selling Merchandise. All the prior licenses are applicable only for the version or specific NFT and should not display and/or use any The GAPES on SOL NFT owned by any other Owner of the same series. Any use of the NFT should take place after the NFT Collection and ownership of the NFT are verified. General Copyrights and IP of the series of The GAPES on SOL NFT are owned by the Development team that created the series and any rights for commercial use of any NFT from The GAPES on SOL Collection are applicable only to the specific NFT Owned by the buyer. Development of the Collection of The GAPES on SOL NFT and Intellectual Property (IP) is owned only by the original Development team. IP refers only to the development of the series, individual NFT from The GAPES on SOL Collection IP is owned by the owner of the NFT.